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Americas press releases
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2 December 2008 - Concern about wave of attack on media in northwest
23 September 2008 - journalist who exposed corruption harrassed and threatened with death
22 August 2008 - Radio station stripped of its FM frequency in “absurd and unfair” decision
2 July 2008 - Radio station’s closure highlights need to replace radio broadcast law
21 March 2008 - Investigators think journalist’s murder was crime of passion
19 March 2008 - Call for release of journalist held without trial for eight months
26 February 2008 - Calls for official explanation after La Pampa journalist’s emails spied on
22 February 2008 - Radio presenter says arson attack on his car was “gangster-style message”
14 January 2008 - TV station illegally holds five of its journalists for 60 hours


20 November 2008 - Pro-government militant under house arrest after new attack on journalists
15 September 2008 - Reporters Without Borders urges president and opposition prefects to restore calm after ten days of severe violence
20 August 2008 - Call to stop new violence against media in wake of recall vote
11 August 2008 - Recall referendum goes off quietly, with only a few isolated attacks on press
25 July 2008 - Court orders house arrest for activist who threatened journalists
23 July 2008 - Five government ministers named to supervise state-owned TV channel
24 June 2008 - Army lieutenant charged with bombing of TV station in Tarija department
19 June 2008 - Trial adjourned of alleged killers of Carlos Quispe Quispe
9 June 2008 - Call for measures against radical pro-government groups as well as pro-autonomy militias after reporters attacked in La Paz
2 June 2008 - Fresh upsurge of violence against journalists during autonomy referendum
6 May 2008 - Three journalists injured and TV station damaged by fire during Santa Cruz autonomy referendum
18 April 2008 - Two filmmakers kidnapped and mistreated in Santa Cruz department
27 March 2008 - Anger as rioters stone studios of public TV and radio stations during a demonstration in Sucre
28 February 2008 - Two journalists narrowly escape lynching in Cochabamba
1 February 2008 - In reaction to spying scandal, Morales contradicts his parliamentary leader


12 December 2008 - Four new arrests in investigation into abduction of O Dia employees
3 September 2008 - Call for boost to media safety ahead of elections after journalist injured in Mato Grosso do Sul state
23 July 2008 - Legislators urged to oppose cyber-crime bill likely to threaten online free expression
9 July 2008 - A Folha de São Paulo and Veja win appeal against “premature electoral propaganda” fines
23 June 2008 - Shots fired at Manaus daily after stories about another Amazon city’s corruption links
19 May 2008 - Shooting attack on TV reporter in São Paulo suburb, police suspected
6 March 2008 - Four military police officers arrested for murder of journalist last May
4 March 2008 - Senator Expedito Júnior to withdraw proposed law punishing “damage to reputation” online
29 February 2008 - Federal supreme court opens the way to final repeal of the 1967 press law, inherited from the military dictatorship
26 February 2008 - Evangelical church loses two more lawsuits against São Paulo daily
9 January 2008 - Public TV cameraman gunned down in Alagoas state, revenge killing by drug trafficker suspected


19 March 2008 - “Victory for protection of sources” as court overturns contempt ruling against Ken Peters
7 March 2008 - Four news media appeal against news blackout on terrorism case
21 January 2008 - Federal court wants to violate “basic right” of journalists to protect their sources


18 July 2008 - Police say they have identified officer who seriously injured photographer Víctor Salas, but decline to name him
6 June 2008 - Letter to President Bachelet about documentary filmmaker held for past month


27 August 2008 - Authorities use judicial proceedings to intimidate media
20 June 2008 - Kidnapped journalist Mario Alfonso Puello released after four months in captivity
18 June 2008 - Magazine editor beaten, threatened at gunpoint after covering paramilitary links
6 June 2008 - Captured guerrilla says ELN was responsible for journalist’s abduction in February
3 June 2008 - Arauca community radio station threatened by persons claiming to be paramilitaries
25 April 2008 - Paramilitaries threaten priest who runs community radio station
14 February 2008 - Threatened journalist forced to flee Tolima department, third in Colombia since start of year
11 February 2008 - Journalist’s Day marred by radio show host’s murder in war-torn region
7 February 2008 - Journalist closes radio station and flees amid FARC attempts to force media to relay its propaganda
29 January 2008 - Journalist forced to flee Bolívar department after price put on his head
23 January 2008 - Paramilitary threats against journalists in Santander department show predators have not disarmed


3 October 2008 - US finally issues visas to Prensa Latina’s two UN correspondents
1 August 2008 - Concern about condition of imprisoned journalist on hunger strike
25 June 2008 - After EU lifts sanctions, Cuba asked to show magnanimity towards Reporters Without Borders correspondent
31 March 2008 - Free expression must go with better communications, says Reporters Without Borders as blogs prove hard to access
18 February 2008 - Call for more releases after four dissidents, including a journalist, are freed
17 January 2008 - Terrible fate of Cuba’s imprisoned journalists recalled on eve of elections

 Dominican Republic

7 October 2008 - Surprising silence from authorities about disturbing surge in press freedom violations
8 August 2008 - TV cameraman gunned down in Santiago
22 May 2008 - Journalist’s car fired at in post-electoral tension


15 December 2008 - Call for release of a second journalist imprisoned for “insult”
5 December 2008 - Journalist serving six-month sentence for slandering ex-mayor now being sued for a million dollars
9 July 2008 - Seizures of a radio station and two TV stations called “inopportune” in run-up to referendum on new constitution
30 June 2008 - Journalist on Guayaquil radio was killed for personal reasons
9 April 2008 - Prosecutors say newspaper editor’s murder was not linked to his work


16 April 2008 - Journalists accused of working for opposition : Reporters Without Borders protests to Prime Minister
19 February 2008 - Information minister steps in, prevents Jamaican journalist from being expelled


24 October 2008 - Graphic artist on daily El Periódico killed by crossbow
13 October 2008 - Journalist officially under protection threatened by armed men near his home
25 August 2008 - Editor of daily El Periódico abducted and drugged and a journalist assaulted within 24 hours
13 May 2008 - Journalist on daily Prensa Libre shot dead at his home
25 January 2008 - Mystery death of journalist found dead in hotel


16 July 2008 - Leading TV journalist banned from president’s office


3 December 2008 - Seven years after radio journalist’s murder, convicted killers still at large
13 May 2008 - Finger pointed at US interposition force in the 2004 death of journalist Ricardo Ortega
11 April 2008 - Responses from Sen. Rudolph Boulos and Harold Sévère to Reporters Without Borders release on Jean Dominique murder
25 January 2008 - Victory over impunity “within reach” in Lindor murder after seven are convicted in absentia


8 January 2008 - Murder of local radio boss could be linked to his work


17 December 2008 - Special federal prosecutor rules out that community journalists were killed for their work
20 November 2008 - International community urged to support journalists forced into exile
14 November 2008 - Journalist murdered by drug gang in Ciudad Juarez
29 October 2008 - Oaxaca-based reporter kidnapped and tortured for 12 hours
24 October 2008 - Federal authorities opt for impunity in Brad Will and Roberto Mora murders
11 October 2008 - Michoacán newspaper editor kidnapped and killed
2 October 2008 - Lid taken off investigation into murder of Brad Will: Reporters Without Borders writes to the Federal Justice Minister
25 September 2008 - Radio host who campaigned against organised crime gunned down in Tabasco
10 September 2008 - Lack of clear legislation and government violations of international commitments reinforce community media fear of closures
5 August 2008 - Home of jailed newspaper publisher searched by soldiers
29 July 2008 - Break-in at publisher and news agency specialising in women’s affairs
17 July 2008 - Call for “exemplary punishment” for police hounding of the media
26 June 2008 - Journalist gunned down in Chihuahua state amid wave of violent crime
24 June 2008 - Deputy editor of daily brutally beaten at his office, another journalist driven into exile
9 June 2008 - Editor survives murder attempt as a severed head is left as threat to another editor
3 June 2008 - State justice refuses to issue arrest warrants against key suspects in journalist torture case
2 June 2008 - Journalist Jorge Carrasco Taracena turns up safe and well one month after he went missing
29 April 2008 - Journalist’s home sprayed with bullets amid nationwide surge in attacks on the media
9 April 2008 - Two young women journalists working for indigenous community radio station in Oaxaca ambushed and shot
27 March 2008 - Protection urged for Colima state columnist whose home and car were fired on
20 March 2008 - Police suspected in death threats against publisher of local daily in Veracruz state
15 February 2008 - Kidnap fears over journalist missing in Michoacán state
8 February 2008 - Father and son journalists gunned down outside town hall, probably by mistake
7 February 2008 - Correspondent on El Diario de México shot dead for unknown motives
5 February 2008 - Journalist forced into exile and his paper censors itself in a disturbing start to year for mexican press
22 January 2008 - Veracruz-based journalist burgled twice, intimidation suspected
17 January 2008 - Challenge to Guerrero authorities over failings in investigations of murders of two journalists


9 May 2008 - President George W. Bush urged to call for press freedom during his middle east visit


21 October 2008 - Reporters Without Borders writes to president Daniel Ortega about poor state of public fredoms
10 October 2008 - Political and judicial harassment of NGOs threatens freedom of expression and association


8 September 2008 - Seizure of weekly’s property and bank accounts slammed as a form of “Indirect censorship”


10 April 2008 - Radio commentator seriously injured in shooting attack 12 days before elections


11 December 2008 - President says jailed TV host should be freed
19 September 2008 - Death threats made against journalist specialising in highly sensitive investigations
9 September 2008 - Impunity blamed for a new wave of threats and attacks on provincial journalists
6 May 2008 - Editor of weekly forced into hiding after death threat
28 February 2008 - El Comercio reporter threatened by drug kingpin’s henchmen
11 February 2008 - Radio journalist’s house fired on, two others get death threats


15 May 2008 - Three gang members get 35 years for murdering freelance reporter

 United States

19 December 2008 - Newspaper editor’s murder could have been avoided
22 October 2008 - Reporters Without Borders urges presidential candidates to pledge to better protect press freedom
20 October 2008 - Charges against ABC News reporter arrested during the Democratic National Convention dropped
16 October 2008 - Freelance reporter jailed in New York may soon be released
22 September 2008 - Charges will not be pressed against journalists arrested during Republican convention
23 August 2008 - Officer goes undercover as reporter to find leak in criminal investigation
13 August 2008 - FBI apologizes to newspapers for spying on reporters: the bureau does not explain the need to investigate journalists
13 August 2008 - Leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery Launches Website And Continues To Deny Involvement In Reporter’s Murder
4 August 2008 - Senators block approval of federal “shield law” for journalists’ sources
22 May 2008 - Al Jazeera cameraman’s lawyer, speaks with Reporters Without Borders about his client’s ordeal in Guantanamo Bay
20 May 2008 - US Senate Subcommittee looks at role of US companies in online censorship abroad
9 May 2008 - President George W. Bush urged to call for press freedom during his middle east visit
1 May 2008 - Al-Jazeera cameraman, Sami Al-Haj, released from Guantanamo after six years
12 March 2008 - Last-minute decision by appeal court suspends fines for journalist refusing to name sources
31 January 2008 - Death threats against Oakland Post publisher amid complications in probe into his editor’s murder
10 January 2008 - Six years after Guantanamo was turned into a prison camp, Reporters Without Borders calls again for its closure and for Al-Jazeera cameraman’s release
7 January 2008 - Freedom of information law changes hailed as significant albeit belated


14 April 2008 - Government urged to protect newspaper editor and her children who have been getting death threats


28 November 2008 - TV station Globovisión targeted by president Hugo Chávez
29 September 2008 - Shooting attack against regional daily’s outspoken columnist
25 September 2008 - Interior minister justifies attack against Globovisión claimed by pro-government militants
11 September 2008 - In “victory for impunity,” court acquits alleged drug baron of journalist’s murder
1 August 2008 - Threats against business daily’s lawyer and president
29 July 2008 - Authorities order judicial investigation into newspaper reporter’s detention
21 May 2008 - Ex-policeman gets 15 years for murdering newspaper photographer in 2006
14 May 2008 - Shots fired into offices of weekly paper that exposed corruption in Carabobo state