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Jean Dieuzaide for press freedom

This book, with a preface by Bertrand Eveno, head of the French news agency Agence France-Presse, contains 70 photographs by Jean Dieuzaide, winner of the Prix Niepce and Prix Nadar photography prizes. Most were taken in southern Europe, especially Spain and Portugal, and radiate the gaiety and zest for life under the Mediterranean sun. A wonderful celebration of photography.

The book is on sale (eight euros) in France, Canada, Belgum and Switzerland.

The entire sale proceeds will go directly to Reporters Without Borders to fund its work to defend press freedom.

Since 1992, Reporters Without Borders has regularly published books of photographs, which are a link between us and the public, who are invited to get to know the faces of those we are defending and their often tragic stories that make them deserve help.

The two books we produce each year, in May and November, are our main source of income, enabling us to continue our work.

-  They are produced thanks to the freely-given help of the entire publishing profession. The photographers or their agents lift copyright on the photos, the firm Nuit de Chine designs the book, the distributors sell it without taking a cut, the advertising agency Eccla does publicity for free and media donate space and air-time to promote the book.
-  This year, once again, the French press handlers NMPP, SNDP, UNDP and others, as well as the magazine chains Mag presse, Maison de la presse and Relay, are helping us with the operation.
-  The French electricity company EDF joins the book’s partners (among them the firm CFAO) to help pay for printing it.
-  Interforum Editis is supporting us for the fourth time by distributing the book in supermarkets and bookshops without demanding a commission.

Jean Dieuzaide

1921 : Born 20 June in Grenade-sur-Garonne (Haute-Garonne).

1944 : Begins working as a journalist during the wartime liberation of Toulouse and does the first official portrait of Gen. Charles de Gaulle.

1952 : Sixth prize (among 72,000 entrants) in the US "Popular Photography " competition.

1955 : First winner of the Prix Niepce (Gens d’Images). First exhibition in Paris (Galerie d’Orsay).

1956 : Wins 1st prize (colour) at International Travel Poster Exhibition in New Delhi.

1957 : Named 14th member of the "Group of 15" photographers in Paris.

1961 : Prix Nadar (Gens d’Images) for his book Catalogne Romane (éditions Zodiaque).

1962 : "L’Art roman du soleil" exhibition at the Louvre in Paris draws 50,000 visitors.

1969 : Honorary member of the Fédération française de l’art photographique.

1970 : Chairman of the Audio-Visual Commission of FIAP. Founder-member of the "Rencontres internationales de la photo" in Arles (France).

1974 : Founds (in April) France’s first gallery devoted to world photography, which has since staged more than 300 shows of the work of top photographers. Sponsored by the city of Paris, in the Château-d’Eau neighbourhood.

1975 : First photographer to be named a "Peintre de La Marine" in France. Member of the board of the Société française de photographie.

1978 : Member of the Salon d’automne. Honorary president of the ANRPI. Member of the artistic committee of France’s Fondation nationale de la photographie.

1981 : Named "Officier de l’ordre national du Mérite et des Arts and Lettres."

1985 : Wins the city of Paris Grand Prix des Arts.

1994 : Appointed honorary fellow of Britain’s Royal Photographic Society.

2003 He died on 18 September, aged 82.

Dieuzaide has exhibited his work all over the world: Tel Aviv (1963), Montreal (1969), Moscow (1972), the Musée Niepce de Chalon, France (1977), the Pompidou Centre, Paris (1980), the Photographer’s Gallery (London) and the Institut Français in New York (both in 1981), the Photokina de Cologne (1982), the Reykjavik Museum and the Fondation nationale de la photographie, Lyon (both in 1983), the Couvent des Jacobins, Toulouse (1986), Milan (1988), Valence and Istanbul (both in 1990), the Turin Biennale (1993), Huesca (1998) and San Sebastian (2001). To mark his 80th birthday, he had his first show at the gallery he founded in Toulouse. After Santiago de Compostela and Prague, Paris paid tribute to him in 2002 with an exhibition ("Un regard, une vie") at the Pavillon des Arts.

He is the only French photographer to win both the Prix Niepce and the Prix Nadar, the top prizes in the profession.

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