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Reporters Without Borders issues "enemies of press freedom" blacklist

The Blacklist is an attempt to name all those who have personally committed crimes or grave offences against journalists or media and who are still unpunished.

Reporters Without Borders calls on the authorities in the countries concerned to seriously and impartially investigate these cases and to prosecute and punish those responsible.


On the blacklist :
Hawani, Asuri (Former police chief and present security advisor to the mayor of Pagadian)
Under legal investigation
Ambol, Norhan (Hired killer)
Under legal investigation
Maulama, Mohamed Madix (Hired killer)
Under legal investigation
Cabayag, Jerry (Hired killer)

Black list : Philippines

Perpetrator : Ambol, Norhan 
Position : Hired killer 
Type of attack  : Murder or attempted murder
Place : Pagadian , Philippines
Date : 2.02.2005
Legal action so far  : Under legal investigation
Victim's name and employer  : Edgar Amoro

The facts  :

Asuri Hawani, former police chief and present security advisor to the mayor of Pagadian, is accused of protecting two men (Norhan Ambol and Madix Maulama) who on 2 February 2005 killed Edgar Amoro, the main witness to the murder of journalist Edgar Damalerio, in Pagadian, on the southern island of Mindanao. Amoro, who was supposedly covered by the justice ministry’s witness protection scheme, was the second witness to be killed in the case. Hawani and the two hitmen are still free.

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