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Brazil24 October 2005

Last suspect in Tim Lopes murder gets nine-year prison sentence

Angelo Ferreira da Silva, the seventh and last accused to be tried for the 2002 murder of journalist Tim Lopes, was sentenced to nine years in prison on 21 October. He received a much lighter sentence than the other suspects (who got jail terms ranging from 23 to 28 years) because he cooperated in the investigation and named the others involved. He was arrested on 13 June 2002, 11 days after Lopes’ murder.

Reporters Without Borders is satisfied with these convictions and sentences and hopes the Brazilian police and judicial system will be just as thorough and effective in the other cases of murdered journalists, including José Cândido Amorim Pinto of Rádio Comunitária Alternativa, who was murdered on 1 July 2005 in Carpina.

5.10.05 - Sixth person convicted in Tim Lopes murder Claudino dos Santos Coelho was sentenced on 1 October to 23_ years in prison for criminal association, homicide and concealment of a body in the June 2002 murder of journalist Tim Lopes. This was the sixth conviction in the case. The last remaining suspect, Ângelo Ferreira da Silva, is due to be tried on 20 October.

22.08.05 - Three of Tim Lopes’ killers sentenced to 23 years in prison

Reinaldo Amaral de Jesus, Fernando Satyro da Silva and Elizeu Felicio de Souza were sentenced on 20 August to 23 years and six months in prison for "forming a criminal gang", "homicide" and "concealing a body" in the June 2002 murder of journalist Tim Lopes. Claudio Orlando do Nascimento previously received the same sentence on 16 June, while Elias Pereira da Silva, who was found guilty on 28 May of instigating the murder, is serving a 28-year sentence.

16.06.05 - Fresh conviction in Tim Lopes murder case

After the sentencing on 25 May, of Elias Pereira da Silva to 28 years in prison for the murder of Tim Lopes, another defendant, Claudio Orlando do Nascimento, nicknamed "Ratinho", has been convicted of murder as part of an organised gang with aggravating circumstances, for having hidden the body. He was sentenced to 23 and a half years in prison.

26.05.05- Murderer of TV journalist Tim Lopes gets 28 years

Reporters Without Borders said it was satisfied with a 28-year prison sentence against Elias Pereira da Silva, found guilty of the brutal murder in June 2002 of TV Globo journalist Tim Lopes.

"It was important for justice to be done in his revolting case", the organisation said. "We hope this sentence will serve to discourage criminals from attacking journalists."

The TV Globo reporter was investigating funk music parties organised by drug-traffickers in the Vila Cruzeiro shanty town of Rio de Janeiro when a gang, led by Pereira da Silva, known as "Elias the Madman" seized, tortured and killed him.

Residents of the shanty had complained that the drug-traffickers were using the parties to find new drug customers and were sexually abusing children. Pereira da Silva himself killed Lopes after he was taken to another shanty, Complexo, where he hacked him several times with a sword and then burned his body.

Judge Fabio Uchoa sentenced Pereira da Silva on 25 May 2005 at the 1st Rio court after a jury trial lasting just over 16 hours to 28 years and six months for the murder of Tim Lopes, although his lawyer, Celio Maciel, had pleaded not guilty on behalf of his client. Pereira da Silva was sentenced to 19 years and six months for murder, six years for criminal conspiracy and three years for hiding a body.

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