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Fabio Prieto Llorente

Fabio Prieto Llorente was arrested on March 2003 during an unprecedented crackdown launched by the Cuban government, and sentenced to 20 years in prison for "damaging the independence and territorial integrity of the Cuban state".

He began working as a journalist in 1997 at the Havana Press news agency. In the last two years before his arrest, he worked as a freelance journalist and founded the Agencia de Prensa Independiente de la Isla de Pinos (or Isla de la Juventud), which is his home area.

Fabio Prieto Llorente was first detained at the Kilo 8 prison in Camagüey in the east of the country, more than 600 km from Isla de la Juventud, where his family lives. He was transferred on 18 January 2006 to El Guayabo prison on the Isle of Youth, which is where he is from. He has regularly been put into solitary confinement, and since the start of his imprisonment has gone on hunger strike several times to protest against his prison conditions. He also protested against ill-treatment, poor food, and being denied the right to exercise or go out into the fresh air for several days at a time.

The journalist state of health has seriously worsened since the beginning of 2005. He has a number of health problems for which he receives no treatment and the deteriorating conditions in prison, the dampness of his cell and the lack of even minimum hygiene have given rise to fears for his life.


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Dear Ambassador,

May I draw your attention to the case of the journalist Fabio Prieto Llorente, who was arrested on 19 March 2003? To the best of my knowledge, he was simply exercising his right to freedom of expression, guaranteed by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I therefore call on you to take steps to ensure his release.

Yours sincerely,

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