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Brignol Lindor
Murdered on 3 December 2001

The Radio Echo 2000 journalist was stoned and hacked to death with machetes on 3 December 2001 by supporters of the then-president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in the southern Haitian town of Petit-Goâve. The murder deeply shocked Haitians but four years later, the known killers are still free.

Lindor, who presented a political discussion programme, became a target of the regime’s henchmen. Four days before he was killed, pro-Aristide leaders in the town, including mayor Emmanuel Antoine, held a press conference at which deputy mayor Bony Dumay fiercely attacked the opposition Convergence Démocratique alliance and its supposed ally, Lindor.

The day before the murder, town officials met members of a local pro-Aristide armed group, “Domi nan bwa,” one of whose bosses, Joseph Céus Duverger, was attacked next day by Convergence supporters. This attack was used as an excuse for Lindor’s murder.

An official investigation completed in September 2002 has not led to prosecution of those who ordered him to be killed. Ten “Domi nan bwa” members involved in the murder were charged but never imprisoned. Only one of the suspected killers was arrested and handed over to police (on 30 March 2005), but for another offence. The case-file has been in the hands of the supreme court for the past two and a half years. The investigation urgently needs to be reopened.