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Reporters Without Borders’ partners

Defending press freedom around the world is vital. Many partners help Reporters Without Borders to continue its work and carry out new projects.


They help us produce and distribute our series of books of photographs


The Nouvelles Messageries de la presse parisienne press handlers have from the beginning distributed the books free of charge through 16,000 outlets in 25 countries. They also promote them free by placing them prominently in newsstands and through the special involvement of all newsagents.

-  Relay

This distribution network also helps to sell them and displays them prominently.

-  Nuit de Chine

The French advertising agency designs our publications.

-  Interforum Editis

This distributor places the books of photographs for free in the Fnac leisure chain, in the Carrefour, Casino, Monoprix and Cora supermarkets, in more than 500 bookshops in France and through the website These distribution networks help promote the book through prominent display.

-  The Fnac leisure stores

Each year, Fnac helps fund production of the books and markets them for free.


The French firm CFAO each year helps pay for the book’s production.

-  France Loisirs

This firm sells the book to its members, without taking a cut, through its network of bookshops and its catalogue.

-  A2Presse

The company markets the book free of charge in its magazine subscription catalogue and on its website.

-  France Rail, AAP and Insert

These public display networks give us free space to promote the books and present our press freedom campaigns, thus boosting steadily rising sales of the books by giving them wide publicity.

They fund our work and help us expand it

-  Sanofi-aventis groupe

This is our oldest and most loyal partner and has sponsored our projects to increase freedom of expression for more than 20 years. It was at the centre of our 20th anniversary celebrations in 2005, when it enabled us to hire the famous railings of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris for our exhibition of the work of 20 world-famous photographers.

-  Le Cabinet Jean Martin

This law firm has helped Reporters Without Borders for the past few years with legal matters.

-  Caisse des dépôts et consignations

This French body has for several years given us funding to produce many of our publications, including our monthly posters that highlight alarming media situations and incidents around the world.

-  Saatchi & Saatchi

This firm has designed all our advertising campaigns for free since 2002.

-  Air France

The airline gives us free tickets each year so we can send fact-finding missions to countries all over the world.

-  Benetton

The firm’s Fabrica advertising research centre runs free advertising campaigns to publicise our work.

-  The Insert network

This firm provides us with space on 700 billboards in the Paris region to display our new weekly wall-newspaper Qui-Vive!

-  Bon Marché, Baccarat, Beaume & Mercier, the Hotel Intercontinental, the French Senate and Global Media Forum, Inc. support press freedom by giving us donations and organising events that pay tribute to imprisoned journalists.

-  Camara

This firm designed a backpack for photographers to mark our 20th anniversary, sold it in its chain of shops and gave the proceeds to us.

-  Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

The multi-talented French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac marked our 20th anniversary by designing special t-shirts and badges for us free which were sold in aid of imprisoned journalists.

-  Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Photo is creator of the Urban Disguise line of camera bags, which are designed to hold the maximum amount of gear while drawing the minimum amount of attention. Think Tank Photo donates 5% of revenue from direct sales of the Urban Disguise camera bags to Reporters Without Borders USA.


-  Bayeux (France)

The town, working with Reporters Without Borders, has chosen to build a memorial to the 1,500 journalists killed since 1944 while doing their job. The foundation stone was laid in October 2005.

-  The Visa pour l’image Festival

Each year this French international festival, run by Jean-François Leroy, allows us to pr‘‘esent to those attending the main issues of press freedom around the world.


-  The Fondation de France

The Foundation has joined with us since 1992 to present an annual prize that rewards journalist who by work, attitude or principled stand, shows support for press freedom; a media outlet that illustrates the battle for the right to inform the public and to be informed; a defender of press freedom; and a cyber-dissident prevented from informing the public online.

-  The Open Society Institute

Reporters Without Borders has been building up for more than two years a legal department to defend press freedom whenever possible before appropriate courts and other bodies. We send fact-finding missions, bring out publications and launch awareness campaigns, according to the nature and seriousness of the abuses involved. The Open Society Institute funds these initiatives.

-  The National Endowment for Democracy

This US non-profit organisation, which aims to strengthen democratic institutions worldwide, supports us through a project to help journalists threatened, imprisoned or prevented from doing their job freely.



UNESCO has funded for the past few years publication of our Practical Guide for Journalists, containing advice on working in war zones, how to give first-aid to wounded people, the protection a journalist has in wartime and the rules and procedures of investigating attacks on press freedom.

-  The French prime minister’s office

The prime minister each year helps fund our research into attacks on press freedom around the world, which is the core of our work. This includes an annual report on the state of press freedom during the previous year which is published on 3 May, World Press Freedom Day.

-  The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

We and this body have set up a Press and Democracy network to promote press freedom in French-speaking Africa over the past three years. About 60 partner newspapers publish our awareness campaigns and an annual prize is awarded to journalists in four categories (written press, radio, photos and cartoons), in partnership with Radio France international and the France’s Ecole des métiers de l’information-cfd.

-  The French foreign ministry

The ministry helps us each year to implement various projects, such as an assistance fund for imprisoned journalists and expanding a programme to make its safer for freelance journalists to work in war zones. It also helps us fund expansion of our international network.

-  The Ile-de-France regional council

The Council actively supports our work by helping to organise our Star Photos annual auction and also gives us support for special events, such as our campaign to free kidnapped journalists en Iraq.

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