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Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Authority - Annual report 2006

Violence against journalists increased in 2005 in the Palestinian territories, with threats, physical attacks and kidnappings. The lawlessness and impunity, especially in the Gaza Strip, included kidnappings of foreigners, some of them journalists, by local gangs often aiming to weaken the authorities.
Mohammed Ouathi, a soundman for the French TV station France 3, was kidnapped in Gaza on 14 August and freed nine days later. Lorenzo Cremonesi, of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, was kidnapped on 10 September for several hours then released.
Reporter Dion Nissenbaum and photographer Adam Pletts, both of the US Knight Ridder News Service, were kidnapped by armed men on 12 October in Khan Younes, in the southern Gaza Strip, and freed a few hours later.
The kidnappings were not seriously investigated by the authorities, who also took no steps to prevent their recurrence and see such crimes were punished.

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