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Reporters Without Borders issues "enemies of press freedom" blacklist

The Blacklist is an attempt to name all those who have personally committed crimes or grave offences against journalists or media and who are still unpunished.

Reporters Without Borders calls on the authorities in the countries concerned to seriously and impartially investigate these cases and to prosecute and punish those responsible.


On the blacklist :
Boris Blanco Arcia (Former police officer)

Black list : Venezuela

Perpetrator : Boris Blanco Arcia 
Position : Former police officer 
Type of attack  : Murder or attempted murder
Place : Caracas , Venezuela
Date : 5.04.2006
Legal action so far  : Arrested
Victim's name and employer  : Jorge Aguirre, El Mundo

The facts  :

On 5 April 2006, Jorge Aguirre, driven by his chauffeur Julio Canelón in a car bearing the logo of the daily El Mundo, arrived to cover the renovation of a stadium close to the scene of the demonstration. His press vehicle was intercepted by a man dressed as a police officer, whose motorbike had no number plates. Since the policeman did not identify himself the driver did not stop.

Aguirre then got out of the car to take some photos. The uniformed man turned back and opened fire, shooting at the journalist three times, hitting him in the upper body. As he fell to the ground, Aguirre managed to take a picture of his fleeing killer. He was taken to the nearby university hospital, where he died of his injury shortly afterwards.

Attorney-general Isaías Rodríguez announced yesterday that Boris Blanco Arcia, 33, a former Caracas police officer who was dismissed last October, has been arrested for the murder of El Mundo photographer Jorge Aguirre, who was gunned down in Caracas on 5 April. Blanco was detained after a search of his home turned up pistol cartridges that matched those found at the scene of the shooting.