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Petition for the release of media workers held hostage in Iraq

At least 77 journalists and media assistants have been kidnapped in Iraq since March 2003. Twenty-three of them have been murdered, 40 have been released and 13 are still being held by their abductors. In most cases, months have gone by without any news of them. The authorities have proved incapable of either freeing the hostages or conducting police investigations into the kidnappings. There is now less and less hope of the victims ever being found alive.

These are the 13 media workers:

-   Reem Zeid, Sumariya TV journalist, kidnapped on 1 February 2006 in Baghdad
-   Marwan Khazaal, Sumariya TV journalist, kidnapped on 1 February 2006 in Baghdad
-   Salah Ali Al Gharrawi, AFP accountant, kidnapped on 4 April 2006 in Baghdad
-   Bilal Abdelrahman Al-Obeidi, AFP journalist, kidnapped on 14 August 2006 in Baghdad
-   Mohammed Abderrahman, radio Dijla journalist, kidnapped in September 2006 in Baghdad
-   Samir Ali Saoud, Sada Baghdad deputy editor, kidnapped on 25 December 2006 in Baghdad
-   Akil Majid Adnan, Al Sabah accountant, kidnapped on 9 January 2007 in Baghdad
-   Karim Sabri Sharar Al-Roubai, Al-Dawa journalist, kidnapped on 11 January 2007 in Baghdad
-   Ihab Mohammed, Al-Hurra employee, kidnapped on 14 February 2007 in Baghdad
-   Talal Hashim Birkdar, Al-Diyar journalist, kidnapped on 3 March 2007 in Kirkuk
-   Thamir Sabri, radio Dijla driver, kidnapped on 17 March 2007 in Baghdad
-   Karim Manhal, radio Dijla presenter, kidnapped on 17 March 2007 in Baghdad
-   Salam Al-Soudani, Al-Zaoura journalist, kidnapped on 9 May 2007 in Baghdad

Dear Mr. Ambassador of Iraq,

I would like to draw your attention to the cases of 13 journalists who have been held hostage in Iraq, in most cases for many months. Their families have had no news of them since their abduction and are in great distress. I would therefore like you to intercede with your government and ask it to take action to obtain their swift release.


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