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4 July 2006

NUSOJ Denies Allegations of being a Foreign Aide, Update on the Closure of the NUSOJ Office in Mogadishu

NUSOJ strongly denies the allegations stating that it is an institution serving for foreigners, which are coming from people interesting the devastation of the union’s reputation. Neither of our policy nor of our action is instructed by foreign institutions or persons.

NUSOJ also distances from the members of its leadership that there are no political connections between some members of the union’s leadership and the political opponents of Somalia’s Islamic Courts Council.  As well, NUSOJ does not have leaning for any political movement.

The National Union of Somali Journalists is non-political, nongovernmental, non-partisan, journalists’ organisation that defends the rights and freedoms of Somali journalists.

The main office of the National Union of Somali Journalists is closed its second day under the hands of armed militias.

Three militias yesterday powerfully ordered the members of the executive committee after an emergency meeting to leave the office in five seconds otherwise they will be killed inside the office. The militias stay at the entrance and inside the office.

The landlord is struggling to return the office in the hands of the executive committee since yesterday, and informed NUSOJ leaders to wait a response from him until he sorts out the problem. NUSOJ renewed 3 years contract, which was signed on Saturday 1 July by the NUSOJ Organising Secretary and the acting Secretary General Ali Moallim Isak with the landlord.

"We appeal to the chairman of the executive committee of Somalia’s Islamic Courts Council Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed to immediately return the office in the hands of the executive committee, which is responsible the management of the union" said NUSOJ Secretary General Omar Faruk Osman. "NUSOJ is more than one person and personal proclamation can not be closed for the office if politics is not there. "We know that Islamic courts are capable to remove the militias from our office, and we wait your positive response on this".

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