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3 may 2007 - 17th World Press Freedom Day

Reporters Without Borders has marked the 17th World Press Freedom Day on 3 May, in partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, by publishing a photo book devoted to one of the world’s top film-screening venues.

“The Festival is a political no man’s land, a microcosm of what the world could be if people could make direct contact with one another and speak the same language.” Jean Cocteau

We have chosen to travel back through time to share 100 cinema moments with you, a world of stolen moments, stars, red carpets, glamour and emotion. For 60 years, photographers from all around the world have immortalised the finest moments of this international event which so delights cine-fans as well as all those whose dreams are made of glamour and sparkle.

This collection, chosen in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, long-time director of Studio Magazine, includes images selected from the archives of the top agencies and best photographers which have covered the festival (collection Traverso, Mirkine, Daniel Angeli, Emmanuele Scorcelletti (Gamma), and the archives of Studio Magazine, among others).

Profits from the sales of this magazine will go entirely to the organisation’s funds for concrete contributions to press freedom, including assistance to journalists and their often impoverished families, as well as to struggling media, on-the-spot investigations to investigate murder cases, to pay the cost of lawyers at a press trial, and providing a welcome for journalists forced to flee their own countries.

On sale from 3 May in France at all newsagents, the Fnac, book shops, France Loisirs and in major stores at a price of just 8.90 euros. This book is also sold in Canada, Italy and Spain.

A picture of the cover page and some photos free of copyright are available on demand at

An advertising campaign will be launched through TV, press, online, posters and radio. If you wish to help us to publicise this publication, we are at your disposal.

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