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Insurance for freelance journalists

(JPEG) Reporters Without Borders helps provide insurance for freelances, who increasingly go off to wars without it because of the high cost and lack of information about it. We have an agreement with the Audiens group, in partnership with ACE Europe, to give freelances cheap rates.

Since this programme began at the end of 2002, about 300 freelances have signed up for it, especially those going to Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan.

The guarantees include three options and apply round the clock for any work assignment of up to 90 consecutive days.

Option 1, costing €3 a day, provides simple insurance. Options 2 and 3 (€6 and €7.50, excluding a “war risk” premium) provide in addition for accidental death and accident disability.

Membership of Reporters Without Borders is required to obtain this insurance, which is only available to freelance journalists who are citizens of European Union countries.

To sign up through us, write to or

Download the insurance contract

Download the Reporters Without Borders membership form

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