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Palestinian Authority
Campaign for Alan Johnston

Kidnapped on 12 March in the Gaza Strip, the BBC’s correspondent for the Palestinian Territories was released on 4 July.

Campaign for Alan Johnston The BBC’s Palestinian Territories correspondent has been held hostage in the Gaza Strip since 12 March.

Kidnapped on 12 March 2007, Alan Johnston is the British Broadcasting Corporation’s full-time correspondent in the Palestinian Territories.

A British citizen, Johnston has been employed by the BBC since 1991. The countries he has covered as a foreign correspondent during the past 16 years include Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. In Gaza, he covered Israel’s unilateral withdrawal in 2005, the Hamas election victory in 2006 and the violence between the Palestinian factions that began last year.


In the past three years, he took a particular interest in social and political developments in the Gaza Strip, where he was the only permanent western correspondent. He had been due to return to Britain on 1 April.

His abduction has triggered widespread outrage. Palestinian journalists have staged many demonstrations in support of Johnston and to condemn the inability of the authorities to obtain his release. Several international TV networks issued a joint appeal for his release on the day he completed a month in captivity. The same day, Reporters Without Borders unveiled a large photo of Johnston in London’s Trafalgar Square. Many journalists and representatives of press freedom organisations gathered in Lebanon on 16 April to express their concern.

A total of 14 journalists have been kidnapped in the Gaza Strip since January 2005. This is the first time that any of the kidnap victims has held for more than two weeks.

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