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100 new photos by Yann Arthus Bertrand for press freedom

Defend the Earth’s biosphere and roll back censorship

Buy the new book of photographs

On sale In France at newsstands, leisure stores, bookshops and supermarkets

Reporters Without Borders needs your help in its battle. The sale of the books of photos is our main source of income and ensures our independence. The sale proceeds (€9.90 per book) will go entirely to Reporters Without Borders (a non-profit organisation) to help imprisoned journalists and their families as well as media outlets in difficulty.

The book, containing more than 100 colour photos of the Earth seen from above, is for photography enthusiasts and those passionate about our natural surroundings. Arthus-Bertrand is once more standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us because he supports our battle and shares our beliefs. That we are all responsible, together, for the future of our children.

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