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10 December 2007

On International Human rights Day, Reporters Without Borders will pay tribute to imprisoned journalists and publish a new book of photos

Give yourself a treat and do some good at the same time Support press freedom for € 9.90

Press Release Paris, 15 November 2007

With less than a year to go to the Beijing Olympics, China is holding on to its gold medal in human rights violations and continues to be the world’s biggest prison for journalists. Bloggers are now being threatened as much as traditional media journalists. Twenty-four journalists are still in jail in Cuba. In Eritrea, ranked last in the latest Reporters Without Borders world press freedom index, privately-owned media are completely banned. The few journalists who dare to criticise President Issaias Afeworki are taken off to prison camps where conditions are so appalling that four of them have died.

Reporters Without Borders works day after day to defend the right to news and information because, no matter what cause you defend, you need a free press to be heard.

100 Sabine Weiss photos for Press Freedom, The new Reporters Without Borders book of photos On sale in France from 10 December, for the benefit of imprisoned journalists Only € 9.90

Reporters Without Borders publishes three books of photos a year. The revenue from these books is the main source of the organisation’s funding. The € 9.90 from each copy goes entirely to the organisation to be spent on everyday activity in defence of press freedom - helping journalists and their families and news media in difficulty, field investigations to identify those responsible for murders of journalists, lawyers’ fees in trials involving journalists, and so on.

Coming after the Yann Arthus-Bertrand book, this one is dedicated to the work of Sabine Weiss, a photographer represented by the Rapho agency. Her keenest interest has been to “show life and people simply and soberly, free of contexts or objectives.” For this collection, she has offered Reporters Without Borders photos of children and street scenes at home and abroad.

100 Sabine Weiss photos for Press Freedom is on sale at news stands and Relay outlets in France thanks to the support of NMPP, UNDP and SNDP, and at FNAC, 500 bookstores and in major retail outlets thank to Interforum Editis. • 144 pages (100 pages of photos, plus profiles of imprisoned journalists, cyber-dissidents and bloggers). • € 9.90, on sale from 10 December 2007.

* The figures are updated every day on the Reporters Without Borders website ( The book cover’s artwork and photos free of royalties are available on request from Christine Leduc at 01 4483-8484 / Reporters Without Borders - International Secretariat: 47 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris

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