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Kidnapped and other dispatches

Alan Johnston was the correspondent of the BBC in Gaza when he was kidnapped on 12 March 2007. He was released 114 days later. This book is an account of his captivity and his reflections since his return to freedom.

Alan Johnston was the last western journalist living in Gaza. When he was kidnapped, millions of people throughout the world expressed their anger and determination to see him set free.

This volume brings together his finest journalism from Gaza, Afghanistan and beyond, including a moving account of his time in captivity and his reflections since his return to freedom, together with photographs of the global campaign for his release.

’And in my captivity I learnt again that oldest of lessons. That in life, all that really, really matters, are the people you love’. Alan Johnston

About the author:

Alan Johnston was born in Lindi, in Tanzania. He studied English and politics at Dundee University and joined the BBC in 1991. In 1993 he became the BBC’s correspondent in Central Asia and later in Afghanistan. His three-year posting in Gaza began in April 2004 and was due to finish days after his capture. Since his release he has returned to Scotland to be with his immediate family.

Kidnapped and other dispatches
By Alan Johnston
Profile Books LTD:
Published in conjunction with BBC Radio 4’s From our own correspondent

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