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Latin America14 June 2002

First edition of the RFI-Reporteros sin fronteras Prize

Within the framework of the Juan Rulfo Prize (see the presentation) , Radio France Internationale ( and Reporters without borders award for the firts time the best radio feature, realized by a journalist from a Spanish-speaking country on a press freedom or human rights topic, in Latin America or in a Latin American community abroad .


Article 1 - Aims: Radio France International (RFI) and Reporters Without Borders shall organise a competition called "Premio RFI-Reporteros sin Fronteras" with the purpose of discovering and encouraging talented journalists in Spanish-speaking countries and promoting them internationally. The Prize will be for the best radio feature on a press freedom or human rights topic.

Article 2 - General conditions of participation: The competition is open to all Spanish-speaking journalists who agree to abide by the rules and who prove they are working journalists. To take part, the following must be sent to the organisers before 15 September 2002:

-  The full name, address and telephone number of the candidate, together with a brief CV.

-  A Spanish-language radio feature no more than five minutes in length. It can be sent as a sound cassette, tape, CD, minidisc, DAT or a sound-file sent by e-mail.

-  An attestation by the radio station’s chief editor certifying that the material was broadcast and saying when.

This should be sent to the Spanish-language service of RFI:

Concurso "Juan Rulfo"
Servicio de lengua española
Radio France Internationale
116 avenue du Président John Kennedy
75786 Paris Cedex 16

Article 3 - Originality of material and choice of subject: The entry submitted must be entirely original and the candidate must show proof of authorship or co-authorship (see Article 4). The entry can be translated from a foreign language as long as this is done by the author. The topic chosen must be an event between September 2001 and August 2002 which directly concerns press freedom or broadly human rights (civil, political, economic and social) and has a direct link with Latin America (a Latin American country or a Latin American community abroad).

Article 4 - Responsibility: By submitting entries in their own name, candidates signify sole authorship (or joint authorship, if it is the work of a team). Any incomplete, erroneous or false statement will lead to an entry’s automatic disqualification and possible legal action against the candidate.

Article 5 - Deadline: Entries mailed to RFI’s Spanish Service must be postmarked 15 September 2002 at the latest. The organisers will not acknowledge receipt of them.

Article 6 - Judging of entries: Entries submitted in accordance with Articles 2 and 5 will be judged by a selection committee drawn from RFI’s Spanish Service which will establish a short-list of 10 entries.

Article 7 - The Prize jury: This will be composed of Spanish writer Jorge Semprun, François Vitrani, head of the Maison d’Amérique Latine in Paris, Alexandre Valente, a senior editor in RFI’s Spanish Service, and Régis Bourgeat, head of the Americas Desk at Reporters Without Borders. The jury will meet in Paris, sponsored by RFI and Reporters Without Borders, who will suggest a chairman to be approved by the jury. The decisions of the jury are final.

Article 8 - Designation of the winner: The jury (see Article 7) will choose the winner of the RFI-Reporteros sin Fronteras Prize. There can be no tied winner. If two or more entries tie, the jury will decide between them.

Article 9 - Notifying the winner: The winner of the Prize will be informed in writing 15 days at the latest after the jury has met.

Article 10 - Content of the Prize: The winner (see Article 8) will receive: n A portable minidisc recorder and accessories for a total value of $650 (750 euros). n A week’s stay in Paris, coinciding with the prizegiving ceremony. This will include the cost of a round-trip economy class air fare and six nights full-board in a hotel. n While in Paris, the winner will have a chance to work for two days at the Spanish Service of RFI and one day at the offices of Reporters Without Borders.

Article 11 - How the content of the Prize will be delivered: This will be decided by the competition organisers.

Article 12 - Cancellation: If the winner fails to comply with these rules, the Prize will be awarded to the jury’s choice of runner-up. The original winner will be required to stay out of the competition for the next two years.

Article 13 - Non-award of the Prize: If the jury (see Article 7) decides that none of the entries deserve the Prize, it can decline to award it.

Article 14 - Entries with several authors: If such an entry wins the Prize, the authors must decide which one of them shall come to receive it. If no agreement can be reached, the Prize will be awarded to the jury’s runner-up.

Article 15 - Use of the winner’s work and photograph for promotional purposes.
-  The winner agrees to give RFI and Reporters Without Borders free and non-exclusive rights to reproduce and exhibit the winning entry anywhere in the world, in any quantity and medium, notably in written, recorded, mechanical or digital form, solely for publicising the winner and the competition organisers,. The rules about using the material shall be those in force in France. Any distribution or publication of it shall mention the full name or pseudonym of the author.

-  The winner agrees to be photographed by RFI and Reporters Without Borders and to reproduction of the pictures to publicise the winner, the entry and the organisers. The winner also agrees to take part in events connected with the Prize and in any publicity or promotional campaign connected with it.

Article 16 - General provisions:

-  Entries that do not win will not be returned to the authors.

-  Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of its rules and the jury’s decisions. No appeal against its methods, operation or results will be considered.

-  Colleagues of the organisers and jury members cannot enter the competition.

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