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Press release

129 journalists are currently jailed worldwide. Reporters Without Borders is raising awareness on the difficulties encountered by the media in some regions of the European Union.

Bettina Rheims is associated to the 18th world press freedom day by offering some of her most beautiful pictures to the organisation to be published in an album.


© Bettina Rheims, courtesy Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris Monica Bellucci - sunset in the Moroccan desert, Morocco, Décember 2001

Press Freedom in figures (24/04/08 - updated daily on

129 journalists, 7 media assistants and 63 cyberdissidents jailed, 8 journalists killed since the begenning of the year

- “The dangers of informing in Europe” - available on, may the 3rd. Reporters Without Borders has investigated on violences against journalists in the EU. Media professionals in Europe are threatened by criminal organisations, mafias, terrorists groups and religious extremists. Reporters without borders has studied the situation in Denmark, Spanish Basque country, Northern Ireland, Sicily and French suburbs.

- An updated list of “the Predators of Press Freedom” will be unveiled on the 3rd of May on

- « Bettina Rheims’ 100 pictures for press freedom » - available on the 3rd of May.


© Bettina Rheims, courtesy Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont, Paris Ginger, Shanghaï November 2002

The new album from Reporters Without Borders is dedicated to the work of famous French photographer Bettina Rheims. Showing original Pictures of Chinese women and western icons, this album introduces the unique universe of the artist, where women are revealed and sublimated. Thanks to our partners who produce, distribute and promote this album, the sale price of 9,90 euros are to the benefit of Reporters Without Borders. We warmly thank Bettina Rheims and her team, Jacques Attali for his words, NMPP, SNDP and l’UNDP, Maisons de la presse and Mag presse, Relay, Interforum, Fnac and the shops selling our album.

You can help us : by promoting this album to your audience. Visuals available on demand. Press Contact : Alexis Poulin - 01 44 83 84 72 /

Or by showing our ad campaign. Contact : Christine Leduc - 01 44 83 84 75 /

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