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3 May: World Press Freedom Day

Press freedom - FIGURES

Press freedom in 2002:

-   25 journalists were killed because of their opinions or while doing their work in 2002.
-   121 journalists were in prison at the end of 2002.
-   Nearly 400 news media were censored in 2002.
-   700 journalists and media workers were detained for periods of varying length.
-   There were twice as many physical attacks and threats as the year before.
-   1,420 reporters were beaten, threatened with death, kidnapped, charged or harassed.

Update: 1 January to 30 April 2003

17 journalists have been killed because of their opinions or while doing their work since the start of 2003.

128 journalists were in prison because of their opinions on 30 April 2003.

The world’s biggest prisons for journalists are Cuba (30 detained), Eritrea (18), Burma (15), China (11) and Iran (10).

136 journalists and media workers have been detained since the start of 2003, 246 have been threatened or physically attacked and 120 news media have been censored.

-  Publication of Reporters Without Borders’ Annual Report: the status of press freedom in 156 Countries

Last year, 25 journalists and media professionals were killed just for doing their jobs or expressing their opinions. Meanwhile, the number of journalists taken in for questioning has increased by almost 40%, while the number assaulted or threatened has doubled since 2001. Today, 155 journalists, media contributors and cyber-dissidents are behind bars simply because they chose to promote the free flow of information. Published thanks to the support of CourrierIinternational (France), this 620-page report lists press freedom violations in 156 countries, spanning five continents.

-  Publication of a new photo album

(JPEG) Every year, on World Press Freedom Day, Reporters Without Borders publishes a new photo album. After last year’s issue devoted to Edouard Boubat’s work, the 2003 album will salute the photographic talent of Philip Plisson. This marine photographer, who received the illustrious title of "French Navy Painter" in 1991, has devoted most of his life to studying the sea, the Navy and seafarers. Setting sail from French Brittany’s picturesque port of Trinité-sur-Mer, he usually prepares his photographic reports aboard his custom-made cruiser, Pêcheur d’Images ("Image Catcher"), or from a helicopter. Sold in order to raise funds to assist imprisoned journalists, this magazine is Reporters Without Borders’ primary source of income and ensures its financial independence. Philip Plisson for Press Freedom showcases a collection of 84 photographs (144 pages), with a Foreword by Jean-François Deniau of the Académie française. Its sale will allow the organisation to continue financing its day-to-day activities: providing financial aid for struggling journalists and media professionals, conducting on-site investigations into the potentially abusive treatment of journalists by a particular country’s authorities, etc. As is the case every year, this album was produced by, and will be sold thanks to, the concerted efforts and enthusiastic support of all members of the profession, particularly those who work with the Nuit de chine agency, Nouvelles Messageries de la Presse Parisienne (NMPP), Relay, and the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency.

-  13th World Press Freedom Day

Philip Plisson for Press Freedom will be sold at 6 euros per copy in all news-stands, FNAC stores and-for the very first time-in hypermarkets and bookstores, as of 3 May 2003.

"Status of Press Freedom in the World - 2003 Report" will be sold at 14 euros per copy, which may be obtained by calling (33) 1 44 83 84 84 as of 3 May 2003. It will also be posted on the website.

A list denouncing 43 predators responsible for attacks against press freedom will be published on 3 May 2003 in the "Philip Plisson for Press Freedom" photo album and on

A complete press kit, including the "Philip Plisson for Press Freedom" photo album, the list of press freedom’s 43 worst enemies, the Annual Report on press freedom and the schedule of events organised by Reporters Without Borders for Saturday 3 May will be available on request as of 10 April. For a copy, please call Christine Poumarède at (33) 1 44 83 84 72, or send an e-mail to:

Reporters Without Borders - 5 rue Geoffroy-Marie - 75009 Paris - France - Tel : (33) 1 44 83 84 84 - Fax: (33) 1 45 23 11 51

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