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2006 Report

IV. How to help us

-  Buy our books of photographs

Reporters Without Borders has been producing books of photographs since 1992, featuring many famous photographers, such as Yann Arthus-Bertrand, William Klein and Willy Ronis, who have allowed us to publish their work.

The books appear on World Press Freedom Day (3 May), on Jailed Journalists Support Day (in November) and to mark important international events, such as the World Football Cup or the Tour de France. They forge a link between Reporters Without Borders and the public, who can learn about what we do through their pages.

The proceeds from selling the books go entirely to Reporters Without Borders and funds our daily work.

In 2006, we brought out the photo book “Gilles Caron for Press Freedom” on 3 May, “100 Football Photos for Press Freedom” in June for the World Football Cup and “100 Star Photos for Press Freedom” (with the Studio Harcourt) for Jailed Journalists Support Day in November.

You can order these books at to add to your collection.

-  Buy our calendars

Reporters Without Borders and the French group “Editor” bring out each December three calendars containing the work of well-known photographers to raise money for imprisoned journalists. They cost €12 each and can be bought at newsagents in France or online at

-  Buy a Camara backpack with a Reporters Without Borders logo

The Camara group, with Digit Acces, has designed a special backpack for photographers, sold for €99 in Camara shops. Reporters Without Borders gets €32 from each bag sold.

-  Become a member or make a donation

If you become a member of Reporters Without Borders, you’ll be helping to give us the weight and legitimacy we need to continue our fight for press freedom. By making a donation or paying dues, you’re giving us the most precious thing a human rights organisation can have - independence.

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