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The magazine of photographs Dominique Issermann for press freedom goes on sale everywhere from 3 May in aid of journalists in prison

A new photographic magazine is published

Following on from Helmut Newton in 2003, this new magazine presents the work of Dominique Issermann. It is the first collection of the photographer’s work since 1987. Dominique Issermann is the first woman photographer whose work has appeared in the series of Reporters Without Borders’ magazines. Photographer to the biggest stars, she has also put her stamp on many different brands by creating the images for their advertising campaigns.

Sold in aid of imprisoned journalists, this magazine is Reporters Without Borders’ primary source of income that guarantees its complete independence. The magazine Dominique Issermann for press freedom, featuring 80 pages of pictures and prefaced by Philippe Sollers, will allow the organisation to carry on its day to day work: helping journalists and media in trouble, on-the-spot investigations to uncover possible responsibilities of the authorities and so on..

As in previous years, this magazine had been produced and sold thanks to the efforts and support of an entire profession that brings its experience and enthusiasm to the image, among others, the agency Nuit de Chine, the newstands and book shops and, the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

The 2003 Global Press Freedom World Tour - New format for the Reporters Without Borders annual report

Since 1995 there has not been a year in which so many journalists have been killed: In 2003, 42 journalists were killed while doing their jobs or for their opinions, mainly in Asia and the Middle East (The Iraq War), compared with 25 in 2002. 766 journalists were arrested, more than 1,460 physically attacked or threatened and 501 media were censored. Almost one third of the world’s population lives in countries where press freedom simply does not exist. For the first time, Reporters Without Borders is incorporating in the magazine a report, The 2003 Global Press Freedom World Tour, that highlights a significant number of signs that indicate disturbing developments in repressive methods. This new format presents thematic analysis, accounts by victims and a range of illustrations.

This edition inserted in Dominique Issermann for press freedom, produced with the help of Télérama, is available separately in 52 pages.

The 14th World Press Freedom Day

-  Dominique Issermann for press freedom is sold for 8 euros at your newsagent, major stores and book shops and in around 20 countries.
-  The 2003 Global Press Freedom World Tour is available on request and can be found on
-  Portraits of the 37 Predators of press freedom figure in the Dominique Issermann for press freedom photo magazine and on

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