International Criminal Court

Guide launched for victims of abuses seeking redress

Reporters Without Borders and the Damocles Network publish a Victims’ Guide to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Guide explains the new court, what it has jurisdiction over, how it works and how victims should address a complaint. (...)

Sounding off

Morocco doesn’t need this

Slowly but surely, my brother Ali Lmrabet is in the process of dying on an iron cot in the prison section of Avicenne hospital in Rabat.

Ali is a journalist who edits two satirical weeklies, Demain Magazine and its Arabic-language version, Douman. He was convicted in a summary, 10-minute trial on 21 May of insulting the king and endangering Morocco’s territorial integrity and was sentenced to four years in prison. The court also banned his two weeklies and fined him 20,000 dirhams. He was taken from the courtroom to prison under article 400 of the criminal code, although his lawyers appealed against the verdict. This is without precedent in Morocco, especially for a journalist.


Hassan Lmrabet

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Jacques-Marie Bourget

Senior reporter at Paris-Match

Our fact-finding missions

Bahia : a culture of impunity ? Investigation into the murder of journalist Manuel Leal de Oliveira

On the eve of the elections, Reporters Without Borders calls on the candidates to undertake to adopt a proposed judicial reform that would put the federal police in charge of investigating the murders of journalists. This recommendation is one of the conclusions of the report which the organisation is publishing on the death of Manoel Leal de Oliveira (photo), gunned down in January 1998 in the state of Bahia.

Zero tolerance for the media : an enquiry into the murder of journalist Brignol Lindor
Leila Bayseitova

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Damocles campaign

Download the poster from the summer 2002 Damocles campaign in Paris metro stations.