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Journalists more than ever in danger in war zones

Proposals and responses of Reporters Without Borders

Several dozen journalists are killed each year while reporting on wars. The fighting in Iraq, the most deadly conflict since World War II for the media, has made it even more urgent to protect those who report in these conditions.

Reporters Without Borders offers journalists legal and other material (a Practical Guide, a Safety Charter, training courses and other facilities) as well as safety equipment (bulletproof jackets, helmets, distress beacons and first-aid kits) and a hotline for those in trouble in the field.

Reporters Without Borders - 5, rue Geoffroy-Marie - 75009 Paris, France - Tel: (33) (0)1 4483-8484 - Fax: (33) (0)1 4523-1151

Reporters Without Borders safety facilities

Insurance for freelance journalists

Loan of bulletproof jackets, helmets and personal distress beacons

First-aid kits

A hotline for journalists in danger

The Practical Guide for journalists

Charter and resolution

Training for journalists on dangerous assignments